[Solved] The file install.wim is too large

When you try to create a bootable USB key with a FAT32 filesystem, you may encounter the following error message if your install.wim file is larger than 4 Gb. This can easily be solved by splitting the install.wim file into two or more .swm files of maximum 4 Gb with the DISM command. However, you […]

Telnet is obsolete for testing ports

On recent versions of Windows, neither the telnet client nor the telnet service is installed by default, but they are still available as features. Years ago, they were used as a terminal service system to manage remote hosts. Currently, a lot of people are still using the telnet client to test if a TCP port […]

Parse log files with PowerShell

If you have to find information in unstructured log files, PowerShell offers a variety of cmdlets that can help you parse text files to extract the information you need. In my last article, I showed you how to search the Windows Event Log with Get-Event. That’s where you usually spot most of the pertinent messages. […]

Tutorial series: How to issue, import, enroll certificates, with or without private key

The procedure for issuing certificates differs depending on the following factors: Is an approval needed? Is the private key needed? Will the certificate be enrolled locally or on another computer? That’s why I decided to write a tutorial for each case and some additional posts concerning certificate’s issuance and enrollment. Complete tutorials: How to issue […]