How to configure computer delegation with PowerShell

By configuring computer delegation with PowerShell, you can determine whether you can access an Active Directory (AD) computer from another computer. This article will demonstrate the difference between unconstrained delegation, constrained delegation to any service, and constrained delegation to specified services. Contents of this article: The concept of computer delegation in a nutshell Two different […]

Save on Azure costs for testing and training

If you want to continue testing and training in Azure after the free 30-day trial, you have quite a few options to save costs. In this article I give you a few tips on how to keep your Azure costs low. Contents of this article: Free solutions Nearly free solutions Understanding cost basics Keep tracking […]

Clean up orphaned Foreign Security Principals

Foreign Security Principals or FSPs have existed since Windows Server 2000. However, you could work as a system administrator for years without even noticing their presence because the mechanism behind them is almost fully transparent—almost. Contents of this article: FSPs in a nutshell Why an FSP becomes an orphan How to identify and clean up […]

Parse log files with PowerShell

If you have to find information in unstructured log files, PowerShell offers a variety of cmdlets that can help you parse text files to extract the information you need. In my last article, I showed you how to search the Windows Event Log with Get-Event. That’s where you usually spot most of the pertinent messages. […]