How to configure computer delegation with PowerShell

By configuring computer delegation with PowerShell, you can determine whether you can access an Active Directory (AD) computer from another computer. This article will demonstrate the difference between unconstrained delegation, constrained delegation to any service, and constrained delegation to specified services. Contents of this article: The concept of computer delegation in a nutshell Two different […]

“New” audit Logon/Logoff and other event IDs

When you are searching Logon or Logoff event ID numbers, you may find a lot of old sites talking about ID 528 and ID 538. However, since Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, these event IDs don’t apply anymore and are completely useless for those more recent operating systems. The Advanced Security Audit Policy […]

In a nutshell: PAW, SAW and why you should care

Like you probably know, most of the threats enter your company through users. The most common scenarios are: infected emails browsing malicious or infected web sites opening infected documents (Word, Excel, …) That’s where the Privileged Access Workstation(PAW) or Secured Admin Workstation (SAW) come in. The main principle behind You separate the user’s environment from […]