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[Solved] Failover Cluster Volume Access Denied

Scenario You move a clustered file share to another node. The resource appears as online. You can access files from an elevated command prompt. You can access files through the network share. However, with File Explorer you get an access denied. If you compare the volume icon to functional volumes icons, you can see that … Continue reading [Solved] Failover Cluster Volume Access Denied

[Solved] AmbiguousParameterSet error

So you decided to use the ParameterSet statement in your script or cmdlet. But you get now the following error: CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [<CmdletName|ScriptName>], ParameterBindingException FullyQualifiedErrorId : AmbiguousParameterSet,<CmdletName|ScriptName> The reason You have this error in two situations: Your command-line doesn't use any of the parameters members of a parameter set. Your command-line uses simultaneously … Continue reading [Solved] AmbiguousParameterSet error

[Solved] DistributedCOM event ID 10016

You may encounter the following type of errors in the System event log: This problem can be fixed through the following steps: 1. Get the application name As you can notice there are two ID numbers in the error message: the CLSID and the APPID. Take the APPID and search for the matching registry key … Continue reading [Solved] DistributedCOM event ID 10016