Copy or clone a hashtable?

I thought the following line of code would make the job.

$HastTable2 = $HastTable1

However, despite at first glance it works fine, it has some unexpected consequences: both objects are now bound and any changes made to one of them is also made to the other one.

To convince you, try the following script which does followings:

  1. Create a hashtable WeatherNY
  2. Executes the line $WeatherLA = $WeatherNY
  3. Add the value Humidity to hashtable WeatherNy
  4. Add the value Wind to hashtable WeatherLA
  5. Display the content of both hashtables
$WeatherNY =@{
SkyColour = 'Blue'
Temperature = 90

$WeatherLA = $WeatherNY



"`n`rWeather NY"

"`n`rWeather LA"

As you can notice in the output, both objects contain the same values.

copy hashtable

In fact, in this case, I had to use the Clone method and replace the line
$WeatherLA = $WeatherNY
with this one
$WeatherLA = $WeatherNY.Clone()

Here is the final output

copy hashtable with clone method

More about

Hashtable.Clone Method (MSDN)

Powershell: Everything you wanted to know about hashtables (Kevin Marquette)

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