How to start with PowerShell 6 in a few minutes

Please note that this post is not intended to absolute PowerShell beginners, but rather to Windows PowerShell users who want to give a try to PowerShell Core aka PowerShell 6.x.

  1. Install .Net Core from here
    (If you are a developer, you can install the SDK. Otherwise the Runtime is sufficient)
  2. Install PowerShell Core from here
  3. If you run your console on a Windows environment
    1. Install the Windows Compatibility Pack
      Install-Module -Name WindowsCompatibility -Repository PSGallery
    2. Import the Windows Compatibility module
      Import-Module -Name WindowsCompatibility
    3. Import every Windows module with the Import-WinModule cmdlet.
      Import-WinModule -Name MyWindowsModule

      To know more about how to use the Compatibility Pack, you can read a very good post from Gerbrand here.

  4. If you are using the PSReadLine module, it may not work.
    In this case, I invite you to have a look at my other post dedicated to this problem.

That’s it!

More about

.Net Core (Microsoft Docs)

PowerShell 6 or PowerShell Core (Microsoft Docs)

PSReadLine (Microsoft Docs)

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