How to start with PowerShell Core in a few minutes

Please note that this post is not intended to absolute PowerShell beginners, but rather to Windows PowerShell users who want to give a try to PowerShell Core aka PowerShell 6.x.

  1. Install .Net Core from here(If you are a developer, you can install the SDK. Otherwise the Runtime is sufficient)
  2. Install PowerShell Core from here
  3. If you run your console on a Windows environment
    1. Install the Windows Compatibility Pack
      Install-Module -Name WindowsCompatibility -Repository PSGallery -Proxy ''
    2. Import the Windows Compatibility module
      Import-Module -Name WindowsCompatibility
    3. Import every Windows module with the Import-WinModule cmdlet.
      Import-WinModule -Name MyWindowsModule

      To know more about how to use the Compatibility Pack, you can read a very good post from Gerbrand here.

  4. If you are using the PSReadLine module, it may not work.In this case, I invite you to have a look at my other post dedicated to this problem.

That’s it!

So what’s next?

Now that PowerShell Core (6 or later) is ready to use on your computer, just start using it instead of PowerShell for Windows (5.1 or earlier) and you will soon discover what’s different between the two versions.

And for those who want to dig deeper into PowerShell Core, I advise you to subscribe to the blog of Richard SIDDAWAY. He’s a PowerShell MVP for more than 10 years and constantly publishing about what’s new or different in PowerShell Core.

Have fun!

More about

.Net Core (Microsoft Docs)

PowerShell 6 or PowerShell Core (Microsoft Docs)

PSReadLine (Microsoft Docs)

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