[solved] 0x80310028 The drive specified is not the operating system drive

When you try to suspend BitLocker for one or several reboots, you may encounter the following error:

Suspend-BitLocker The drive specified is not the operating system drive Exception from HRESULT: 0x80310028 COMException

This message appears when you combine the RebootCount parameter with the Suspend-BitLockercmdlet.
It’s because the RebootCount parameter is only available for the Operating System drive.
Probably you tried the following command line:

Get-BitLockerVolume |Suspend-BitLocker -RebootCount 1

If your drives are configured to auto-unlock, you just need to suspend the system drive for the reboot.

Suspend-BitLocker -RebootCount 1 -MountPoint C:

Or if you really want to suspend BitLocker on all drives:

Get-BitLockerVolume |Suspend-BitLocker

However, in this case, you have to manually resume BitLocker after the reboot:

Get-BitLockerVolume |Resume-BitLocker

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