[Solved] The certificate’s template doesn’t show up for web enrollment

A few days ago I wanted to manually enroll a certificate for a computer of another forest through web enrollment.
However, the certificate didn’t show up among other certificates for web enrollment.


First of all, I verified that my account had as least Read and Enroll permissions.


This is usually where you have to go because basically a computer template has mainly only permissions for computers, and, except if you are a member of Domain Admin or Enterprise Admins, you won’t be able to see and enroll the certificate.

However, I am a domain admin but still not able to see the template appearing in the list for web enrollment.
And moreover, other templates showed up in the list.
Thus I decided to create a copy of one of these templates showing up and apply setting by setting, the same settings as the one not showing up.
And finally, the winner was: the subject name.

Subject name settings

I selected Build from this Active Directory information, and that’s why the template didn’t show up for web enrollment.
As soon as I selected Supply in the request, the certificate appeared in the list.

Please note: if you change a template’s settings you have to unpublish and then publish it again in order to have the new settings to be applied.

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