Search the event log with the Get-WinEvent PowerShell cmdlet

Search event log Get-WinEvent PowerShell cmdlet
Searching in the event log is one of the most common tasks of a system administrator. With the help of the Get-WinEvent PowerShell cmdlet, you can easily display the Windows events that interest you.

Content of this article:

  • All available logs
  • Events of a specific event log
  • All events one page at a time
  • A limited number of events
  • Specific events using a hash table
  • Display only events with a specific ID
  • Events with a specific information level
  • Audit success or audit failure security events
  • Events with messages containing specific words
  • Events with a specific date or time
  • The whole message
  • A specific event

Read more from my guest article at 4SysOps

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